South African Logic-Based Therapy & Consulting Institute

Research & Counseling 

Research & Publishing

We conduct research, write and publish articles and books related to Logic-Based Therapy and Consulting. We extend an open invitation to researchers and authors interested in this topic to collaborate with us on future research projects and publications. We are affiliated with Phronesis Publishing, a newly established publishing house that will publish books on applied philosophy that promotes individual self-liberation and practical wisdom (phronesis). We will also develop video podcasts which will be available for viewing on this website.

 Philosophical Counseling

We offer individuals LBT to assist in problems of living and and LBT for those in addiction recovery, based on the premise that LBT as a 'philosophy as a way of life' can offer a compelling, and legitimate recovery pathway for individuals in addiction recovery, as one of many recovery pathways. We assist individuals with incorporating philosophical perspectives and practices into their existing recovery pathways.

We view Twelve Step programs as fundamentally a practice of 'philosophy as a way of life' and Twelve Steps fellowships as a type of 'philosophical community' and guide individuals engaged in Twelve Step fellowships with means to assimilate other uplifting philosophical perspectives (for example, virtue ethics) and practices (for example, philosophical contemplation) into their established Twelve Step practices.